What is the Review Team?

Nominations are evaluated by a Review Team that is comprised of a diverse group of University employees.

Become a Judge and Join the Review Team

Anyone can request to or request others to join the Review Team each year. We look forward to your help and participation!

Evaluation Information

University Award

Presented to approximately 9 members of the Classified Staff and the Appointed Professionals, regardless of their length of service, classification or pay grade. These awards are designed to recognize outstanding achievements. Nominations are evaluated respectively within six pay levels to ensure an equal distribution of awards among employees at all levels. Nominated Individuals must be benefits-eligible. 

Billy Joe Varney Award

Presented to one Classified Staff or Appointed Professionals employee, with at least 15 cumulative years of employment at the University, who merits special recognition for a career of dedicated service to the University, its employees, and the community. Nominees can be chosen from any employment category. Individuals nominated must be benefits-eligible.

Team Award

Presented to a team primarily comprised of Classified Staff and Appointed Professionals and tasked with a specific project or function. Team members should have complementary skills, be committed to a common purpose and share specific performance goals. They should also have established means by which to hold themselves mutually accountable. A team shall be defined as two or more benefits-eligible employees, regardless of their length of service. The award will be presented in recognition of the team’s outstanding contribution to its unit, department, or the University as a whole.

Department Award

Presented to a single department in recognition of its outstanding departmental excellence in the management of its people and resources. Nominations should include specific examples of exemplary performance in the criteria themes outlined. Judges will look how much departments meet and/or exceed the selection criteria. The department selected by the judges to receive the University of Arizona Department Award for Excellence will receive a commemorative plaque.